Nighty Night!

In 2010, Heidi Wittlinger, Egmont Mayer, Grit Schuster and Uwe Flade developed one of the first children's apps for the iPad1 under the Shape Minds label. With many millions of downloads, Nighty Night! has become a digital classic for children over the years. In 2012, this and two other successful children's apps were sold to the startup Fox & Sheep.

The early days of iOS Apps

When we started the app development in 2010, there were no multi-platform engines like Unity and Unreal. So everything was programmed in Objective C. During the first years the app was only available for the iPad, later it was adapted for the iPhone and finally reprogrammed for Android.

The intuitive UI and the fact that we were able to help with a real family problem with the app was only recognized as success factors some time later: The app turns sleeping as a ritual into a fun routine that children love.

Made with Analogue Love

All scenes and animals were handmade and handdrawn on cardboard by Heidi Wittlinger, then photographed and digitized.