MTV feat. Yung Hurn "Cabrio"

For MTV Germany and famous Austrian rapper Yung Hurn we produced one of the first volumetric musicvideos worldwide to be distributed in iOS. Click here to download (only available in Germany, Switzerland and Austria).
For his single Cabrio Yung Hurn was filmed at Dimension Studios in London with 106 cameras, laser and UV devices. The perfectly integrated workflow of Dimension allowed to optimize the footage for the use on mobile devices.
The video can be played by all newer iOS devices using the integrated Augmented Reality technologies.
The artist is being projected into the real world wherever the user wants him to be.

Filmed with 106 cameras, laser and infrared devices Dimension Studios in London delivered fabulous footage, that was edited in postproduction. Actually it was 3D footage which was kind of hard to edit but since a storyboard was made upfront, the workflow was defined from the start. 

Yung Hurn Storyboard

It took us 3 months of postproduction, to add 3D elements and programming, until the app was released to the Apple Appstore in August 2019. 

Hurn behind the scenes

Programming was done in Unity to get a cross platform code that can be pushed to Android and Apple platforms withouth having to adjust the the code for each platform.
Dimension studios did a great job in delivering almost flawless, cleaned up 3D footage, so we were able to focus on editing and vfx. 

Shooting Yung Hurn


Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that allows users to superimpose digital images and information onto the physical world. It is often achieved through the use of a smartphone or tablet with a camera, as well as specialized AR applications.

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Augmented reality App with yung hurn
Yung Hurn Storyboard