Sunset Bay

Sunset Bay is a playful meditation app. Discover 6 different worlds while floating towards the sea into the sunset. The flight paths are predefined to avoid motion sickness.

Activate giant objects in each world during the relaxing flight and rotate them as you like. Enjoy one 6 minutes long flight per day through beautifully designed low poly worlds. Unlock infinite flights by purchasing the full version. 

Activate a soothing voice to experience the worlds as a guided meditation.


As we felt there are many Oculus apps to play but only few to relax we created Sunset Bay. Predefined routes through 6 soothingly designed environments prevent motion sickness. Each flight ends up on the shore to an endless sea.  

The basic design concepts were created by Ronny Schmidt. 

Sunset Bay Design
Sunset Bay Design
Sketches for AR App Sunset Bay
Sunset Bay Design
Sunset Bay Design


Idea, Concept, Project Management, Producer: Uwe Flade

Design: Ronny Schmidt

Programming: Alex Leps

Modelling: Damir Simovski

Menu Design: Blokstudio

Music. & Sounds: Klingklangklong